How we can help

From crutches to jandals we can help you get where you want to go

Front office to treatment room

When you come into the clinic our frontline staff are able to help you with the complexities of your injury - from the paperwork, ACC involvement, contacting your insurance company, to organising appointments with other health professionals as needed. We can assist in finding the right treatment with the right person to administer it, and endeavour to ask and answer the questions that matter the most for you and your situation.

Physiotherapy treatment

All physiotherapy treatments start with an assessment - or reassessment, based on previous treatment. This is usually an extended session where we take a thorough history and examination. From this we can find out how the problem is affecting you and establish a therapy plan to help achieve your goals. At the end of the assessment, you should have a good understanding of your problem, what treatments will benefit you, how many sessions you may need and the costs involved.

Early stage
Managing your pain

Pain management has an important emphasis in our clinic. We believe a reduction in pain allows a quicker return to normal life and function. We employ a targeted range of techniques to achieve this, including massage, manual therapy, exercise, treatment of trigger points, acupuncture, TNS, and laser among others.

Later stage

Once pain levels have improved, emphasis can then change to the return of normal function, with modifications of activity, strengthening exercises to help cope with further activity, home programmes to gradually increase levels of fitness and strength, and general education to enable you to enjoy your restored level of mobility.


Your physiotherapist can help you to understand your injury so you are better able to manage it. Your lifestyle may need to adapt to allow the problem to settle down. Your physiotherapist can help you to understand what things are likely to aggravate your problem, and what you can do to optimise healing and management longterm.

Special emphasis in our clinic

Manual therapy has been and continues to be a major part of our treatment regime. Many conditions respond to joint mobilizing and/or manipulation and continue to improve with follow-up exercises, stretching and home programmes.

Over the years our staff have built up their skills with acupuncture treatments of different approaches used, including Western acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, incorporation of traditional Chinese medicine techniques and concepts, use of indwelling imbed needles, ear acupuncture and laser acupuncture.

We particularly assist with post-operative rehabilitation, working with our local surgeons following your surgery to restore function, normalise movement and build up strength so you can return to your normal home and work activities.

Taping and Strapping
These techniques are sometimes required to help an injured site maintain stability, encourage balance, improve biomechanical efficiency, control swelling and protect an injury. We can advise what equipment may help you and organise support braces, taping, orthotics and other equipment.