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You are welcome to book an appointment with the therapist of your choice, at the best time for both you and your therapist
If your injury has been caused by an accident, then you may be eligible for ACC to cover a portion of your treatment costs. We can provide a claim form for you or you can use one that has been created by your doctor, hospital or other health professional.

If you are covered by ACC, there is an additional  surcharge of $32.00 per visit
Some additional charges for materials used (tape, orthotics, acupuncture needles) may apply.
Private consultation fees (where no ACC applies)
$92.00 first visit, $77.00 followup visits.

Telehealth fees
For ACC patients there is no extra copayment. For private patients (again where no ACC applies) $61.00 1st consultation and $46.00 for follow-up.